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The (Unrealistic) Glamorization of Parenthood in the Media

March 3, 2011

Far from reality for a lot of people, but what we're being bombarded with daily.

Turning women into zombie moms pushing designer strollers and Sophie the giraffe can be part of some crazy, right-wing agenda pushing hetero-normative societal values on females who own TVs, pick up magazines or hit the movie theatres.
Shows like “Kendra” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” really glamorize motherhood. Neither starlets have to pick up a finger or worry about daycare waiting lists because they’re too busy putting on MAC lip-gloss and fretting their social lives. Well, duh, they have the money to do so. Don’t try to think you’re Kourtney Kardashian. Unless you have deep pockets and Range Rovers, her unrealistic lifestyle isn’t attainable. Her biggest worries is her waistline and an out of line husband. And Kendra–well who can expect more from a playboy bunny?

Magazines used to be all about fierce fashion and the juiciest gossip. Now, there is more and more content about The Cutest Celeb Baby and Guess The Parents and all this crap about kids you wondered if you picked up a parenting magazine or a tabloid!

It doesn’t stop there. I cannot turn on the TV without seeing some yuppified commercial where happy, grinning families are in some new minivan or using a new cleaning product. They’re all eating at the dinner table, giggling over some frozen food dish or a very strong paper towel that wipes up the volcano Sally built for science class. First of all, none of the teenage moms I know have a detached suburban house with an Odyssey parked out front and a manicured lawn with orchids and tulips blossoming in the sun, with Rover barking proudly as he watches over his brood and Father Knows Best in his khakis coming home with a briefcase and super-white fake teeth. I’m sure once the commercial stops filming, the kid pops on his headphones and tunes in music a la Bieber and Katy Perry about putting your hands all over a just-finished-puberty body. The mother takes off the smiley-face-printed apron and goes out for a cigarette, wiping the perfect apricot lipstick off on her way and the father goes back to his boyfriend. Reality, y’all.

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