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You’re My Inspiration

March 4, 2011

I’ve known some pretty frickin’ awesome CF women in my life thus far and I definitely want their awesomeness to be known. One of my idols is T.S who is one rockin chick who went to college here where we live then moved out with a bunch of her cool friends to C.A and got a kickass job working with foster kids, while getting a university degree in Pyschology. She has an amazing chocolate lab named Dakota and here is some of her life expeditions

#Hiking up/skiing in the Rockies

#backpacking for a month in Thailand and chilling with monkies. Yeah, real life monkies. Cool.

#visiting India. Dominican Republic. Mexico.

#Camping (real outdoor camping)


#Road trips to the Calgary Stampede
As well as owning her own truck and home by herself–without a man’s signature on the mortgage! What do I call that? MY ROLE MODEL! She’s in her late 30s and doing everything she wants with her life, and I have to admit–she does not look like she’s regretting one second of it. Work hard, play hard. No room for anything else.

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