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Admiring the Beautiful Things…

March 5, 2011

Rain is pouring and the skies are a mundane gray, the kind that makes you want to snuggle up under your duvet with a good read. But since I’m entertaining guests I need to stop by Loblaws to pick up some dinner. Slipping by the agitated parents shoving packs of frozen Pizza Pockets into their over-filled carts and to the freshly baked bread area.

I do not know where this particular bakery area is in this grocery store but my nose leads the way, breathing in yeast and oats and a faint aroma of honey. I pick out a still-warm baguette and head over to the aisle with balsamic vinegars.

Up on a shiny silver triangular pedestal are rows of exquisite (and expensive) aged balsamic vinegars–some aged for 25 years. Wow, that is longer than I’ve been alive. From Modena, Capelli, and Tuscany, the dark liquid oozes superiority in dark maroon glass bottles. Some are long and rectangular, boasting beautiful golden caps and elegant handwriting while others are round and wrapped with a little silver blow.

After ogling lovely extra virgin olive oil bottles as extravagant as the vinegars, I picked one of each to go with my baguette to accompany dinner. Even though it was only two or so minutes, they were magical, filled with unstated beauty sitting demurely in an aisle that people would normally go to grab a bottle of Heintz Ketchup for their french fries. But sitting there, ever so quietly, offering another world away from the gray skies and Ketchup bottles is a taste of Italy in an array of glass bottles.


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