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Decided To Add another Dog to the Roster!

March 6, 2011

We have had our cattle dog/border collie mix for 3 weeks now and he is energetic, smart and very cute. I’m very proud of him and love him a lot, even if he is a handful. As many dog owners who own two dogs know, two dogs means less work paradoxically. Your two dogs will play together and have more fun together, tiring each other out. Without one another, they will become easily bored. They can play tug of war, keep each other company on walks and in parks and play puppy tag (where one takes something out of the other’s mouth and chases him, back and forth etc).

I love dogs and have read extensively on how to care and train them properly. I have always wanted two dogs but since we have a small space right now our second dog would have to be a smaller breed since our cattle dog mix is going to be on the bigger side of medium. This is very exciting since we are on the hunt of a new dog. We have owned a pug previously and my partner would prefer a Pug which are easy to train and smart, calm dogs that don’t need too much exercise. A low-energy, smart dog would be ideal. What are some breeds that would be a good fit?


Here’s my picks:


Adorable, small and sweet Beagle dog.

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