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More Adult Only Neighbourhoods, Please

March 6, 2011

Adults-only resorts are a pretty common thing. Some of the adults who go to those resorts are even parents themselves who don’t want to bring their kids with them and don’t want to be surrounded by other brats. They have been longing for the luxury of a grown up vacation experience, and damn them if a 3 year old pees in the pool.

Now, what about the idea of child-free adult-only exclusive neighbourhoods?

A contemporary and cosmopolitan area for the 20s-50s  who do not want to be in an area riddled with schools and herds of children.
It would be an investment to create more adult-only neighbourhoods. Components of having these blissful places such as adult-only swimming pools, bars and clubs, no children clothing shops and parks without playgrounds means people who don’t have children don’t need to be around them. Perhaps a lovely sitting area, fountains, a dirt path for jogging and cycling and flower gardens would be a better idea. It’s not to create a dichotomy between the childed and the childless, but a respite one may enjoy.

Some neighbourhoods promote an “adult living” lifestyle where children are allowed but generally not very accepted for busy active adults. Areas like Ocean Meadows, West Newbury and Cadence, Atlanta, Georgia have adult-living neighbourhoods. I like where this idea is going and hope that they create one in my own city. I am sure I wouldn’t be the first to subscribe!

Some aspects of adult-living neighbourhoods I can foresee is:

-higher speed limits. No need to slow down to an agitating 30km an hour in a “school zone” since there won’t be one!

-no hyena shrieking and running of large groups of children and those long lineups of kindergartens crossing the street with their minders, plus idling school buses.

-expect to see large groups of runners in the mornings and evenings as these adult-living buyers will focus more on their hobbies.

-expect to see an upscale area with golf courses and perhaps even a country club, chic cafes and wine boutiques.

-those annoying crosswalk people who blow their whistle.

-No juvenile colours or playgrounds in the park

-virtually no whining children in the neighbourhood supermarkets. Or the ones who run amok free of their parents, picking noses and what not.

-No public buses rammed with baby strollers serving that vicinity

-no obligation to smile at every baby you pass by, ugly or cute.

-the aroma of smoky barbecues

-quiet neighbourhood since weekends most couples will be going up North for fishing, camping, skiing, etc.

-likely affluent and educated neighbours who may have similar interests to you.

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