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March 9, 2011

Unfortunately, my 10 week old cattle dog pup came down with roundworm so when I was Googling about roundworms on the Internet yesterday I found an article (written by right-wing, family-loving conservatives in red states, of course) about how selfish “liberal childless people” are for not contributing to the world and preferring dogs over children especially in liberal cities like New York, Rhode Island and San Francisco. Even though I’m not an American and I don’t care for much blue state/red state politics, I felt I had to have my say. For one thing, popping out babies is not the only way women can contribute to the world. All these right wing conservatives want is for women to be submissive, loving wives and mothers. We are worth more than that and capable of more than that. Was Katharine Hepburn selfish for not having a child? She has become a timeless style icon, role model and classic actress of all time. She has been immortalized and even someone  like me who was born only 20 years ago knows of her. Yet, she didn’t have any kids. So did she contribute to the world? Yes, she contributed to the arts. And what about Oprah who has given millions to charities and helped so many people? She is one of the most influential women in the entire world and she did not have children. Women can contribute to the world in many ways–as policewomen, teachers, professors, authors, etc. We are not only useful for our wombs. Some families have five kids. They’re having enough kids for the women who choose to do something else with their lives–something that makes them HAPPY. So relax, Tories, the population won’t dwindle and the “social security of America” is not under peril. I don’t even know why these right-wing crazies even think motherhood is something every woman should think is inevitable. For one thing, the American “Dream” as it’s being exploited today is being portrayed more fantasy than an ambition. The lives that families actually live and the pictures they paint are as far apart as the gap between rich and poor. Reality is hidden behind perfect French doors, and nobody needs to live the American Nightmare. Some people love children, but for those who have given it thought and opted out, why should they be condemned in biased articles that praise women who pop out babies and spend their days on Facebook creating their 45th album of baby Jack sitting absolutely still in his crib? If anything, I know the right-wing crazies are afraid and they should be. Women who aren’t just baby-making robots who know how to make a superb sweet potato pie are sprouting up all over the place! There are childfree-by-choice women in red states, blue states, Europe and Canada! And yes we prefer our pets–our cats and dogs. They give us companionship without the burdens, expenses and longterm haul of children. They don’t backtalk us, they don’t sleep around, they dont’ get teenage pregnancies. I can leave my dog at home alone as a puppy, but I can’t just leave a baby at home. I have a car, I don’t need to worry about buying a teen a car, or a PlayStation…or anything. Is it selfish? So many women have contributed to the world and have been silenced by men, forced into submissive roles and spent their lives in mediocrity. Well guess what, I don’t think women are buying that load of crap so call us selfish–men have been since the beginning of time! It’s time we had our cake and ate it too! 😉

Pets love you faithfully

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