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Fear of Driving

March 10, 2011

In Ontario, you have 5 years to get your complete license. I got my first driver’s license when I was 17 years old, which means I have 2 more years before I have to do it all over again so now the snow is somewhat melting it’s “license time”. I am nervous because driving is daunting for me. I was in a car accident and since then, very weary of drivers. I wonder if they are paying attention and assume 50% of them are drunk. When I see drivers climbing onto the curb on a turn and doing crazy stuff, I wonder if I really want to join them on the roads. But the answer is, yes.
My secret fear is driving. I have a car but my partner drives it. It’s a huge car anyways, like a huge tug boat, in my opinion. I told her we should buy a PT Cruiser but she thought those cars were too problematic (at least the seats went down in the back!!! That was my argument…)
We call it License Time which means we are both working on our next licenses. For my partner, it is her G license which is the “full” license which she needs to become a cop since she went to college for Police Foundations. Her test is going to be on the highway and mine will be on the road since I need my G2. We have to both pay for lessons and we’re both excited.

I tell her, you always pass on your second time so don’t be hard on yourself the first time. It’s almost always true. I got my first license on the second time, and she got her second license on the second time. I love driving when there is zero drivers on the road and sunny weather which occurs only on Sunday mornings in the summer. So, I’ll be a Sunday morning driver!

License Time is fun! I love to see female drivers on the road and owning their own cars. How did you feel when you got your license? When you drove by yourself for the first time? I guess like everything else—you just have to get used to it =)


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