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A Wonderful Aunt and Cousin

March 11, 2011

Some parents think childfree-by-choice women loathe kids. Well, maybe that’s the case for some women. Who can blame ’em? They ruin your bods, backtalk you and think money grows off trees. But I’m not one of them. I don’t hate children, I just prefer not to have any of my own. That being said, I do have loads of cute cousins and a nephew and goddaughter I love to bitsies and enjoy sending off birthday/Christmas presents and having over for the annual zoo or museum trip.

My cousins/nephew/goddaughter are the reasons why I reuse-renew-recycle and care for the environment. I want a better place for them so they can grow up and be responsible adults in a world not completely writhing with turmoil and deadly gasses. =) Here’s to all the childfree aunts and uncles in the world!

These are my cousins and my goddaughter.

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