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Sex for *gasp* Fun

March 11, 2011

Yes, that’s right conservatives. We have sex for fun. I enjoy going to the pharmacy for condoms and the sex toy shop for well, toys. I’ve heard of couples only having sex when they want to “baby dance” which is the most ludicrous thing ever. But sex is good, fun and pleasurable and there should be no other reason for sex but for fun and pleasure. No, I’m not promiscuous. I’m in a 3+ year relationship with my fiancee and we both love sex. From the Jack Rabbit vibrator to tantric sex–there isn’t much we leave out (except threesomes).

We have like ten bottles of lube–some are flavoured, and a huge chest of sex toys. But some days we don’t even need all that. The best part of our lives is we can have sex whenever we want to! In the kitchen, the living room, the shower or our room. Sometimes it’s morning sex, sometimes it’s late night sex after hitting the town and sometimes it’s 9:00pm sex. It doesn’t take much to get us started, after all, we do sleep naked.

Sex for pleasure--what every women should want and get.

I love owning my sexuality. I am never shy about being sexual. I kiss my fiancee brazenly in public, in front of gaping crowds of Muslims and angry African men (I live in a diverse city). I hold her hand when walking down the street unashamedly, and meet other people’s stares dead-on. I can talk candidly about sex with my sex-having friends, most of them gay and sexual themselves. I see nothing wrong with masturbation. Women have as much rights as men to masurbate.

And it’s really corny to think if we’re moaning our heads off we’ve had an orgasm because for a woman, orgasm is usually quiet or silent (and feels amazing). All that theatrical stuff is made for the egos of men from porn movies. Most of the porn movies caters to the sexual gratification of men, and not women so fuck porn movies in the first place. What do women like? What makes us feel pleasure? What do we like done to us?  Take a hint–it’s a G-spot and a clitoris. Focus on it. There is nothing like sex, and I love my orgasms.

And since I’m having a lot of sex (and you should be too) here are some great health benefits:


1. Sex relieves stress

2. Sex burns calories

3. Sex boosts immunity

4. Sex boosts self-esteem

5. Sex improves intimacy

6. Sex reduces pain

Have you had sex today?


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