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Movie Idol: Carrie Bradshaw

March 13, 2011

Maybe Sex and the City 2 was a bomb in the box office, but I was enthralled. I love Carrie Bradshaw in ways that should be illegal. She is the epitome of style, fashion and luxury. Her childfree relationship with Bigs is idyllic. Her closet is PHENOMENAL! Her body is amazing, whether it’s digital altering or not. I think I would like to die and come back as Carrie Bradshaw. She has a writing job and great amazing friends and a designer kitchen and does things she likes–traveling, spending time with her friends, going out to dinner and reading in bed.

I’m so glad the media has portrayed someone as happy and satisfied in life without children, and not riddled with promiscuity like Samantha (Kim Catrall…my second fave on the show!) Of course, it’s made up but it’s not far from the truth—especially for New Yorkers. Not only is it inspiring but it sends a message: you can be successful, in love and happy without kids. The powerful line in the first SATC Movie “We can write our own vows…we should be able to write our own rules too” rings true. Who says we need to follow the same old status quo? Go Carrie!

The fabulous life of Carrie Bradshaw

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