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Before the world ends, make the most of it.

March 15, 2011

Most people spend their entire lives in a rut, working the same 9-5 and doing the same, old boring routine. We live vicariously through the movies and the media and promise ourselves we’ll do the “things we always wanted to do”, but don’t get around to doing it. Well, what’s stopping you?

There are mountains to climb, national parks to explore, cities to visit and exhilarating things to do for the first time! Getting the tattoo of your dreams–perhaps a motivational slogan in a different language or a picture of something inspirational…get a freakin’ tattoo! Go skiing if you’ve never been ! Go jump in a lake…who cares if there is leeches stuck to your feet? You can always burn ’em off later.

Life can be SO comfortable. You have all the time in the world, CF women! It’s time to get out there and do crazy stuff and don’t forget to take along your camera. You’ll want the memories. It’s not just about existing, it’s about truly LIVING.

Here are some ideas that may get you started on living your life:
-Visit the North Pole

-Go surfing in Hawaii

-Ride a spitting camel in Morocco

-Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

-Explore the Amazon Rainforest

-Climb a pyramid in Egypt

-Raise money for a great cause you believe in by entering in a race

-Walk the Great Wall of China

-Go on an African safari… Africa.

-Have a romantic date that includes a hot air balloon

-Milk a cow

-Read every book by one author (preferably your favourite)

-Get an autograph by  a celebrity

-Start a collection

-Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

There is so much to do….and time is wasting just reading this post! But thank you for reading. If you have any neat ideas…let me know!


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