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Orijen–Worth the Hype?

March 17, 2011

The world of dog food is a scary and opinionated one. From raw food enthusiasts to the clueless idiots nabbing Purina, and the zillion brand name dog foods in-between–holistic to premium……homemade! There’s probably less options for me than my dog!
My Australian Cattle Dog is on Royal Canon Puppy 32 food but it makes him very itchy. I find the ingredient list suspect too! We love our pets, they are family members and we would go to great lengths for them if we had to (well I guess we do, picking up dog poop and all twice or more a day!).
I researched the “best” puppy food out there and uncontested was Orijen. I bought this food once for my Pomeranian who hated it but maybe Benji will react differently to it. It’s considerably more expensive (twice the price for 30lb bag) but I wouldnt eat cheap filler crap so why would my dog? I hope Orijen is as good as they say!!! I will post a review in a month!


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