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Enter 2011: My take on “The Pill”

March 19, 2011

In the previous post, domestic life for women in 1950s was made to seem idyllic for women. They didn’t  have to think for themselves, it was laid out like this: ring, wedding, husband, kids, housewife. It’s written out like a blueprint in pink lace. All I have to say about it is Thank God it’s not the 1950s anymore! Okay so that’s not ALL I have to say….

But the curiously funny thing is, women today still have these aspirations. I have countless women on my FaceBook who tout wedding pictures then–9 months later–pictures of their firstborn on their profile pictures to show off their domestic, blissful life. I have to raise an eyebrow here. One woman I know, who has two university degrees and has worked her ass off in her 20s became a mother (and got married) when she turned 30.

I seen her once when she had her firstborn kid, and she was totally different (zombified with bags under the eyes…ahhh)!!. Instead of talking about her life, she spoke only of her daughter and her Sophie toy, and her breastfeeding, and her sleeping schedule. Did she slave through 8 years of university and work her way up the professional ladder for this?

Now her FaceBook statuses read:  “Having a baby so I can take maternity leave because I HATE my job”! I would hate my job too  if I was pregnant and had a screaming toddler meanwhile worrying  about getting up and dressed to be at the office for 8am.Maybe somewhere in here I’d have to feed the kids…?

Despite over 50 years of time passing, women still think this ideal (which is truthfully a facade for many women), is something to aspire to presently. I don’t care more about a wedding ring than my college degree. That piece of paper is more valuable than a ring of gold. Anyone can be a wife, but not  just anyone can be an award-winning journalist, or a cure-finding scientist, or an engineer who helps make eco-friendly cars. QUESTION : Why don’t men dream of fantasy weddings? ANSWER: Because they’re too busy paying for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ding. Ding. Ding.

Anybody in a real family knows the American Dream is bullshit. Your brother is an asshole, your mother is a drunk and your father is controlling. Or a million other scenarios that don’t mesh well with this “Dream”. The dream and reality never met. Ever. Women need to really think about what the government wants them to do to make their country look great….and what they want to do for themselves which will make their country great.

I don’t think anything great was ever done while knitting and baking in the kitchen.


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