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What Sucks About Having Kids?

March 21, 2011

From the blog OUTNUMBERED


The fact that I have to fight with them to take a shower. They act like I am asking for a limb rather than just asking them to clean themselves. That they are comfortable being slimy, smelly and dirty… – Wendy, Facebook

Remember “the most annoying sound in the world” from Dumb & Dumber? My 6yr old is a pro at it ALL.DAY.LONG. – indigoeyes, Twitter

That despite having saved the receipt you can’t return or exchange them. – David, Facebook

Realizing that you could have had the souped up Porsche for the same price as private school. – Rudy, Facebook

OK besides the delivery, the honesty…”mama, you smell like wine….again”. Yup, delivery and honesty those are the most annoying. I love those little bitches otherwise. 🙂 – Elizabeth, Facebook

endless talking, sibling squabbles & they throw a bright light on every unflattering aspect of my personality, daily. – thejavaqueen, Twitter

The fact that they ask the same thing over and over and over and over…they simply wear you down. – Scott, Facebook

The inordinate amount of crap you have to take with you EVERYWHERE! diapers, butt cream, extra bottle in case you’re going somewhere anti-boob, change of clothing, car seat, car seat adapter, toys, extra blankets, teething rings, teething ointment, a bag for all of it, then the stroller….and for an 18 lbs person! – Denise, Facebook

The fact that one eats in the kitchen and one eats in the dining room because one chews too loud and one breathes too loud. – Eden, Facebook

But why? But why? But why? – theweirdgirl, Twitter

The fact that I can’t go to see a grown up movie whenever I damn well please. Oh, yeah, the WHHHHIIIIIINNNNGGGG too! – Melissa, Facebook

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