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March 27, 2011

I spent 2 hours at the neighbourhood dog park with like 8 other cool dogs and completely tired out my rambunctious puppy. Then, it was off to Little Italy for stuffed calamari (with goat cheese and tomatoes), raw oysters and sheesha. These are all four things I did for the first time.

1. Dog park: Maybe next time I’ll wear old sweatpants because I looked like a dusty construction worker when I was done. But fun!

2. Stuffed calamari–simply divine.

3. Oysters–I was afraid to try this but honestly, it’s a cool and interesting appetizer.

4. Sheesha – smoking sheesha was really fucking awesome, too bad it doesn’t get you high (joking!) I love it and it goes well with a beer. I love the hip sheesha bars in the City and I’d definitely smoke some sheesha again! ^^ The flavour was coffee. I think I’ll get my OWN Shisha pipe!




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