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Immigrant/Refugee Breeders

May 22, 2011

Unless you live under a rock, oppression against women in third world and developing countries is a very big deal. It is difficult for women (and men) in developed countries like our own (Canada, USA, Britain, Europe) to understand a culture so different and so medieval.

A woman is nothing more than a commodity, something you acquire and dispose of like a favourite sweatshirt. I’m speaking purely from my own interactions with Arabic and Muslim people, not from a research point of view. Young women who are my own age from countries like Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are marrying men and move into their household with their mother-in-law and the husband’s family. Quite often, in these impoverished nations the husband leaves to find work in neighbouring countries like Russia. They find new wives there and by simply saying “se telaq” which means “I divorce you” three times, they are free of their former wives and children. The wives  have no home, no money and are at a very vulnerable position. 

Women have such a low standard in these countries and naturally, they bring these ideologies with them to Canada and the United States and Europe. Women have better access to education and technology yet they are still using this to further the medieval oppression against them. There is still immense pressure for these Arabic and Indian women to conceive male children. Female children are still seen as burdens and there are actually doctors in our city who specialize in doing abortions on female children for Arabic and Indian women. The birth of a male child is seen as a reason for celebration while the birth of a daughter is met mutely. From birth, the female child is already being discriminated and hated.

Women from these countries are expected to give birth to children without a second thought. They are submissive not only to their husband but to their husband’s family who have say over her. If she does not comply, she will be disgraced and even thrown out. Now, even though the women who immigrate here legally or illegally can learn to speak English and may work or go to college or university–they are still expected to be submissive to their husbands and their first place is in the home as a mother and a wife. They do not own the home, the car and many times do not even have control over what they are allowed to eat. I see the men walk in front of the women, order their food without asking for the woman’s preferences and pay for everything.

I want to delve more into this culture and why these women do not break free from these oppressive ideologies once they are in the free lands. I do not think anybody is telling them they have rights, they are worth everything the men are worth and more and they can do what they please. The way out of poverty is to stop the cycle, and that starts with literacy and childfreedom. The burdens of raising children prevents women from having the time and money to climb out of poverty and dependency. A woman’s dreams should come first, not what is expected of her from a backward society.

One Comment
  1. You raise an excellent question here: Why don’t they break free? I would love to read about a woman who has been through that and chosen a different path in America.

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