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Common Sense Should Be Advertised.

July 22, 2011
  • A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.
    Jerry Seinfeld

       I have been “coming out” with my outspoken childfree stance more publicly than ever more thanks to the amazing support of fellow CF blogs hee on WordPress, amazing and hilarious CF groups on Facebook and honest articles written on the woes of parenthood and the greatness of a childfree existence. I am proud to write about the fun non-childed things I’ll be doing with my days and posting up pictures of quirky sayings like “CLEVER CHILDFREE CHICK” with a picture of a yellow chicken. I think so many of my friends are obsessed with their spawns and think everyone who doesn’t have one, WANTS one. Posting child-free articles on Facebook, putting up CF signs on my BBM and discussing how amazing life is without kids is a huge shock for many of them. I’ve had a few defend their decision by sending me “adorable” pictures of their spawn.

When we meet people (I usually prefer to meet non-parents) who ask me and my partner if we will end up adopting or having biological kids (since we’re gay, the adopted question seems to pop up first) I said ‘”NO.” And my fiancee agrees. Our puppies are enough. Our friends are enough! We have nieces, nephews and goddaughters and friend’s kids. If we want to spend time with a nephew at Christmas, that’s fine but we love our adult-only life and love planning for our next couple’s retreat in Ixtapa. Some parents I speak to don’t even know where that IS.

I’ve traded diapers for palm trees.

Whole Foods is to me a necessity as COSTCO is to you.

Sleeping in is mandatory for me most weekends, like waking up early is for you 7 days a week 365.

I never scream at a red light when my kid goes running—my dog has a leash.

That opera was good last night. No, not Oprah at 4pm on TV.

I still get red roses and perfume as gifts. No, it’s not Christmas.

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  1. I always say, you can get a puppy, and the next day, go to work all day if you have to. It might chew your shoes, and it might poop on the floor, but no one will take you to jail for leaving it by itself.

    You get a baby and you can NEVER leave it by itself.

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