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A Splash of Fun

July 23, 2011

The weather is a record high here in Toronto. I would sleep in my bath full of cold water, but I’m afraid I’ll wake up hard boiled. After days of panting, sweating profusely and humid weather fit for Calcutta, I decided to invite my gay friends and go to the community pool.

We paraded in–hot pink tight shorts on the men and Bluenotes guy shorts for the gals. We looked so out of place like strippers in church. Yes, it was full of kids and parents and snivelly tweens but we marched to the deep end and jumped right in. Stepping over diaper bags and everything. There was no nervousness– it was apparent. We were SO reclaiming the pool. It was two hours of cool, breezy fun. From playing Water Tag to having a Who Can Hold Your Breath The Longest Under Water contest, and laps inbetween I had no IDEA I missed out on swimming this whole summer. I hadn’t been to the community pool in YEARS. I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager myself. I was worried it would be overrun with kids and tweens in bikinis. And it was. But we had the time of our lives, going down the swimming pool slide and standing in line next to the 10 year olds. Sure, we got some stares but the pool isn’t just for the elderly and the young!

After our last underwater handstand, we packed our wet stuff in the car and went to the beer store for much needed cold Stella. Ohhhh yea.



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