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I Don’t Mind…..

July 23, 2011

I don’t mind parents or kids. They are living their life and they have a right to do as they please. It’s easy to ignore parents and kids and strollers, for the most part. But even though I don’t mind most of the stuff kids do that is annoying as well,  here’s what I DO mind:

1. Parents and kids shouldn’t take up the whole sidewalk. I’m not inclined to move just because you gave birth and own a stroller that should have a huge v8 engine and a Hummer logo to boot.
2. The park is a park, not a kids fun zone. If us adults want to do yoga, go for a jog or play fetch with our dogs we shouldn’t have to give you guys all the space and huddle in a treeless corner. You better watch your kid because my dog stays off leash.
3. I won’t let your kid skip in front of me in line in front of the Ice cream truck just cuz he’s a kid and you illegally parked.
4. I won’t squish myself in an elevator to make room for a stroller. Wait for the next one.
5. We are adults. We don’t need to censor ourselves in a social setting because your kid is within earshot. I will smoke and swear as I see suitable so keep sending me dirty looks!

  1. Kathleen permalink

    I am new to your blog subscription and so far, I find it a little hostile. You say people with kids, “are living their life and they have a right to do as they please.” and then go on to list the things that you feel that they DON’T have a right to do. So which is it?
    – What if it is a wheelchair that takes up the side walk. Are you inclined to move for that wide vehicle?
    – I think that a park IS a kid fun zone. They should be considerate of others, like anyone else, but so should the people who play their music too loud. In my opinion, a bar or a library, or a zen yoga place is not a kid fun zone. When I go to a regular park, I expect kids will be playing willy-nilly, and if you bring your kid to a dog park, you should expect they will likely get knocked down by a dog chasing a Frisbee.
    – You wont squish in an elevator for a stroller? What would be an acceptable situation in which you would squish? A wheelchair? A delivery guy with a dolly of boxes? One extra person? Or no one?
    – Saying you wont let a kid cut in front of you in an ice cream line just sounds petty. You can say you are in a hurry, and your time is valuable, but so is the time of the mom trying to get on the elevator, without having to wait for the next one.
    – Of course you can swear and smoke where you like, but you mention social situations. Do you do the same in business situations. What about adults who don’t care to hear your swearing, or go to their next stop smelling of your smoke? Do you show common courtesy to them, but not the moms with kids?

    I just wanted to share my observation. You say you don’t mind parents or kids, but then draw a line in the sand about what you won’t tolerate from them. Assuming you are a nice person, it seems like you may not do, specifically for people with kids, things that you might happily do for anyone else, so maybe you do mind parents and kids?

    • There are many videos and articles across the web and on YouTube as well as untold stories of screeching children in airplanes on 14 hour flights; or kids running amok in grocery aisles while people are trying to just grab something for dinner (hungry people are quite irritable, I do bet) and what about all the other times parents/kids EXPECT you to jump out of your way for them, and make sure you do not mind how annoying their child is or how loud their baby is crying? The doctor’s office? Starbucks? The library??
      At what point are the people without the kids allowed to speak up and say “Hey, actually I DO mind today that I have to move over for you.” When are we allowed to say enough is enough?

      I do appreciate your feedback and if you do say it is a bit hostile, I can tone that down. I don’t mind kids and parents, but if I choose not to bend over backwards for some parent’s request–I think that it is OK. It’s time they realize that a baby is not an entitlement to special treatment.

      As well as a few CF peeps had to add:

      B.P – ” Okay – yes, I will ALWAYS give consideration to a wheelchair. Equating a wheelchair/disability with a stroller in disgusting and insulting. If someone cuts in front of you that means they have no manners. If you are in social situations, 99% of the time you’re with friends who presumably won’t mind swearing and smoking. OF COURSE you don’t behave like that in business situations. You are with CO-WORKERS and BUSINESS ASSOCIATES not friends and therefore will behave differently. I don’t mind loud music at a park. It’s outdoors, the sound wanders. Ad music is at least tuneful (although I hate rap). Kids shrieking are not. The end.”

      C.M “Hostility isn’t allowed anymore? I’m in trouble. Please. We, and this douche, know that parents don’t want equal treatment. They want special treatment. Some of them even want to be treated better than the disabled or elderly.”

      Christine Murphy ” People who compare wheelchairs to strollers need to STFUAD. No one CHOOSES to be disabled and need to use a wheelchair. They’d rather be able to walk. But having a kid is a CHOICE, and so is choosing to use a Hugh Jass SUV stroller, when a much smaller one would do.”

  2. HighGoon permalink

    I guess in many ways I’m not as hostile as the author. Though I am not tolerant of many things that parents do, such as plowing people down with their giant strollers

    As for smoking, I know it was an example, but it’s rude no matter what. Smokers are probably the most oblivious people I’ve ever encountered. No one should have to deal with your habit but you. And standing where people have to walk past and cranking out all of that smoke is just a crappy thing to do. I swear, if I hear one more smoker pull the “Well, if you don’t like it then blah blah blah” thing, I’ll scream. But probably not, because I have impulse control.

    If you hate the baby=disability thing, check out STFU Parents for some truly irritating examples.

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