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Like Minded DINKs

July 24, 2011

It is no secret being in the demographic of Double Income and NO Kids is an agreeable thing but what good is it if you’re only surrounded by people with kids?

It sounds superficial but just as mothers surround themselves with mothers, DINKs should acquaint themselves with people who have the same lifestyle. If you surround yourself with drug users, you may do drugs. If you surround yourself with people who do Bikram yoga and eat sashimi….well, you get the point!

Peer influence is profoundly strong and influential. Of course it is crucial to seek peers who are like minded with same interests and goals in mind!

I love my DINK life. I have the freedom to spend a year living in Korea, or spending mornings training for a marathon. My library is growing weekly with books so intense, I think I have a permanent kink in my hand from constantly flipping pages.

Best of all, people in my life are available to do fun, exciting things with me and my partner. We can complain about work and tuition fees over cocktails. My place or yours? It’s surprising how many DINK couples I know . It seems people without kids just gather together somehow with available time and money leading to experiences.

People these days have better goals than just getting married and having kids. There is  an obvious hole in this myth of “happiness”. Citing happiness and declaring undying love for your child are two different things.  The road to happiness is choice. Nothing is rarer and more sacred than being able to choose.

I have no problem with children or parents. It’s the sucky, soul-consuming, expensive and time-killing job of parenting I’m against. If the task of taking care of kids makes a woman happy — do it. Some people are cut out to be moms, and may be good mothers. Whether or not I would be one is not something I Care to find out. The job of parenting is one I would kindly like to pass on.
Scorsese movies and Dim Sum night will always sound better to me than play dates and Kraft Dinner.

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