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Cruising Along Life

July 25, 2011

My best two pals are a gay couple. My partner and I are so close with them that we decided to move into an apartment building together in two different units side by side on the same floor. We regularly have dinner parties, walk each other’s dogs (or all the dogs!) and we feel like a big, gay family. We have decided to go on a vacation together (the four of us) which we haven’t done before. While I want to do things like visit under ground caves and zip-line through trees in Ixtapa or Cozumel, they are suggesting an elegant (adults-only) cruise to the Mediterranean.

I always pictured cruises being for old people. Hey, I did just enter my 20s! I couldn’t imagine what fun it is to get a little tinkered on some rum punch if I’m stuck on a boat! So I had to do some research and found out cruises COULD be fun! Not to mention the time you get to have exploring the different cities when the cruise ship docks. Maybe a cruise is cool enough for the 20s-something crowd!

Enjoy the Onboard Entertainmnent

Cruise ships have at least one show every evening in the main lounge. Large cruise ships often have Las Vegas-style revues, with singers, dancers, and amazing sets and costumes. In addition to the main lounge shows, passengers can enjoy piano bars, small combos, and music of all types in the multiple lounges most ships have.

The entertainment does not stop with music. Most ships feature comedians, magicians, and even ventriloquists at some of the shows. All of this entertainment is included in your fare.

For those who want to participate in the entertainment, ships have karaoke, talent shows, and ballroom and disco dancing.

Exercise in the Fitness Center or Walk/Jog Around the Deck

Cruise ships have modern fitness centers with treadmills, weights, ellipticals, bicycles, and other exercise equipment that are equal to (or better than) you would find at home. Use of the fitness center is free, but some classes such as yoga or Pilates are fee-based.

A workout sure is much more enjoyable when you have a great view of the ocean. In addition to the fitness center, most ships have either a promenade deck that wraps around the ship or a deck with a walking/jogging track.

Swim in the Pool

Cruise ships always have one or more swimming pools that are free. These pools are often small when compared to those at a resort, but they can still be fun for all ages. Ship passengers can also enjoy water volleyball or other pool games. Many ships have separate pools for adults, kids, and even teens.

If swimming sounds like too much work, cruise ships also feature hot tubs where you can soak those tired muscles.

Sit in the Sun by the Pool

Sitting in the sun or the shade with a good book is a favorite onboard activity for many cruise passengers. There’s something special about the sea breeze and the sea air. Like the swimming pool, use of the lounge chairs is free.

Watch a Movie

Most cruise ships feature movies on the TVs in the cabins. However, watching a movie on a large outdoor screen by the pool is great fun. These outdoor movies are shown “under the stars’ and great free fun on a ship. Some ships also have indoor movie theaters where movies are shown throughout the day.

Read a Book in the Library

All cruise ships have onboard libraries. Some are very tiny, but most are adequate and have space to sit and read a good book. You can also check out the books and take them back to your cabin or out on the deck to read.

Explore the Ship

Large cruise ships are engineering marvels, and taking the time to explore the decks of a ship is a fun way to spend time onboard. Ships also sometimes have free galley tours, which offer passengers the opportunity to see some of the secrets of creating thousands of meals each day in relatively small spaces.



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  1. beautiful picture, you don’t even need diving gear the water is so clear, it looks like you can see straight down to the bottom of the sea. nice

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