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Indoor Gardening Pt. 1

July 28, 2011

My sweet potato plant

If anybody who knew me knew my passion for gardening, they would outright laugh . I don’t fit the mould of a woman in the searing sun wearing a wide-brimmed hat and yielding a small shovel. But yes, I love nature and greenery and I feel so much pride for the few plants that managed to live despite my over-watering and weeks of forgetting they even exist. People would’ve thought my goal was to kill the plants, not grow them.

I bought quite a few pots, seeds and soil in the spring and never got around to planting. I have no clue how to. I came home proud as a peacock and got to gardening but torrential rain falls ruined my attempt to grow sunflowers.

But now I have begun the journey of housing two plants (of which name I do not know….they’re green and that’s all I can tell ya). I have begun growing a sweet potato plant from a potato I found in my kitchen I bought a long, long time ago. The green buds and leaves are a good thing, right? I forgot I wasn’t supposed to eat the potato, though….

I am eager to continue adding to my little garden on the window sill with herbs, vegetables and indoor plants. Nothing brightens my morning like seeing these growing roots, buds and flowers.

It is my goal to have a decent size garden by the end of fall with at least 20 live plants. Who knows I can even open my own sustainable supermarket!

Any tips on apartment gardening, anyone?


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