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Reason #4 : HOBBIES

August 4, 2011

Before there were kids, adults had lives. They had hobbies. They had fun. Real fun.

. We have more money, time and energy for our hobbies—arguably the most exciting aspect of life. You can enjoy skiing with your best friend, opera shows with your significant other and peaceful reading by yourself in the bath or on your favourite cozy chair next to the cat. You can go jogging with your pooch and check out the local trails or peruse an art gallery with your sister or brother.

Many people have so many amazing hobbies and others that haven’t been realized yet. From aeromodelling to brewing beer and frisbee golf–everybody has them.

Of course people with children indulge in their hobbies, but I know if I had kids I couldn’t enjoy painting in the summer afternoon sun and working in the community garden. I wouldn’t be sipping hot chocolate while skating at the lakeshore or working on my guitar skills–which I seriously need to hone. Having kids is something that takes up a LOT of focus and attention. You simply don’t have the time to write songs or make soap like you used to. If you do, kudos to you.

Someone told me child-free people don’t have children because they are “children themselves”. But if taking the time to explore the world and learn (as children often do) makes you childish, then I guess we are. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn to bake oatmeal cookies or try your hand at painting. There should be no reason to renounce the fun you had just because you’re not 11 any more. You liked baseball when you were 10, it’s okay to still like baseball as an adult. It’s cool to go to a Blue Jay’s game with a bunch of friends and pop open some beers at your condo; or play a game at the local park with the girls on a cool spring day.

I do not believe it is egocentric to explore and discover the world through hobbies and fun. Once we stop learning, we start dying. I have been sonorous about my child-free life, boasting about it the way a parent would a child. I am shaping this life—this PRECIOUS time on earth we are given–by the things I do and learn and see, and those I meet and grow with. I am proud of each accomplishment and new hobby I acquire; proud enough to post pictures and keep fond memories. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do the things I do–have the freedom and liberty and time to do it all–I thought I would immediately go from college to motherhood. But you can shape your own life, enjoy your friends, significant other, hone your career and most of all—still dote on your HOBBIES.


This, my good friends, is #4 of why I will remain child free.

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