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Free to do Whatever

August 17, 2011

Benji, Australian Cattle Dog 8 months old; Oliver French-Pug, 3 months old

Having a park right next to your apartment building is beneficial to both me and my two dogs. With the expanse of grassy green plains and groves of majestic alpines it is really a place to truly enjoy peace, tranquility and nature. While my dogs trot off to investigate the nearby skateboarders and branches that have dropped from jumping squirrels; I lay out my red picnic blanket and bring out my pillow and my book. I have Benji’s tennis ball ready for a game of Fetch and keep a close eye on the smaller puppy. The breeze rustled my Afro curls and joggers sweep by silently, enjoying the blue skies in another way. I am content to feel the grass tickling my toes and my dogs wearing themselves out on a hill under a particularly chimerical sycamore tree.

It is this freedom and liberty that leads me ebullient. I cannot have my life any other way. It is like that for many of us who seek to enjoy the park at times not frequented by loud children–before the sun is up fully and after dusk. I have many “just a day at the park” moments every day–when I awake and take my tail-thumping Cattle Dog on the Beltline Trail for an invigorating bike-ride before the masses awake and return to enjoy Turkish coffee on the patio with my favourite dog magazine (Dogs in Canada) and a cigarette. I can see the cheery, whistling mailman with his bulky calves and the scurrying Filipino workers speed-walking to catch the first bus. I have my container garden bursting with aromatic plants and my little makeshift wine cupboard with a stunning display of Malbec, Calvet, Italian pinot noirs and the occasional Zinfandel.

I make the bath-time especially festive with exotic bubble baths and a tray of strawberries and white wine. (Yes, alcohol is a recurring theme in my young life!). Listening to the soothing sounds of a talented Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra “My Way” or a sensual R&B track adds to the value of serenity and calmness. It is a time to slather on face masks and deep hair conditioners, think about nothing in particular and then slip into a chenille robe. I do this 5 times a week, and set aside time for this stress-busting activity in the evenings. I don’t have people barging in and out, and even my BlackBerry is put on Silent.

As luck would have it, I am always being introduced to childless friends and have now resorted to theme nights. Monday is Meaty Mondays where we BBQ up a storm from homemade meatballs to Italian sausages on the grill. Beer, wine and good conversation around the patio abound. And then Tuesday is Taco Night where we alternate between Loaded Nachos and other Mexican variations. If nobody is up for it, we just eat alone at home. Wednesdays is like “open” night where anything from lasagna to pizza is on the menu, and Thursdays is Tapas Thursdays although a lot of the appetizers have no Mexican theme! From Prosciutto rolls to Kalamata olives, baguettes and pesto we display it all and chow down (on the patio, of course). Friday we usually nibble something before getting glammed up for the night scene and Saturdays is faithfully Sushi Night which I look forward to. We try different sushi restaurants because each offer different things like specialty rolls, Traditional Japanese decor or buffet.

It has become so engrained into our life that we think getting a COSTCO card is a good idea to buy things in bulk! Thank goodness friends bring along wine and drinks, food items and napkins! Now if only I can get someone to wash those dishes at the end of the night for me…. 🙂

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