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Getting Out of the House In an Era of NetFlix

September 2, 2011

Since we joined NetFlix, which is probably the best thing invented since tampons, we haven’t gone out as much. I noticed. Even our food habits has changed. We used to grill, bake salmon and make homemade sweet potato salad but we’ve gotten used to buying frozen pizzas, chips and cereal. Yes, we have cereal for dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, NetFlix is awesome. I mean, with a 47″ flat-screen TV watching Iron Man 2 looks freakin’ cool. Plus you can pause it to get the aforementioned chips. I watch a lot of independent and WWII films, and documentaries. I’m also a huge fan of foreign films and comedies. So, I had a lot to watch and the dog days of summer where I used to go up North, or to the beach or for a jog were spent indoors on the couch with my feet up on the ottoman and a dog on either side. Breathing hot fishy breath down on my back, but that’s OK. I love them.

It’s time to get back outside and get the gears in motion. By gears, I mean the ones on my mountain bike. It’s so simple and easy to slip into a life of laziness and boring repetitiveness. I always thought I was more interesting than those knuckleheads who sat in front of a TV watching every episode of some stupid sitcom. So, I’ve gotten back out again. And, it feels good.

Walking the dogs, snapping photos of the different areas in my city and buying blue hydrangeas after a chat with neighbours at the cafe have replaced my obsession with NetFlix. I’m also shopping a bit more since I have the excuse of decorating the apartment. I’ve bought totally useless fancy napkins and napkin rings and all the things I’d never use on a regular basis but it’s fun because I’m going to have this fancy dinner table. And we’ll probably just eat in front of the TV…watching NetFlix.

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