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Being Child-Free Is a Bonus on Dating Sites

September 9, 2011

I was browsing CraigsList for a doggy product the other day, and came across a hoard of romantic ads detailing educated, Caucasian men in their 30s-40s who didn’t have children and wanted to find a partner who did not want children also. I’ve seen one or two previously, but now they are cropping up considerably. It seems more and more people are still looking for marriage partners but do not want kids.

I don’t bat my eye on other websites like OKCUPID! and Plenty of Fish where you can peruse potential lovers by “Want Kids” and “Don’t Want Kids”. There are nice people on both sides of the boat, but there is a LARGE number of men who are adamant about not having kids, even devoting a line or two in a paragraph to explain why (usually detailing an enriching life of family, friends, work, traveling, etc). I would say on Plenty Of Fish, for men who want kids, and don’t it’s cut down to 50% for both.

Men and women who wish not to have children have every right to demand the same from any future partner/wife/girlfriend. Nobody wants to be “trapped” in a relationship and raise kids they never even desired in the first place! It’s conclusive more people are seeking child-free lifestyles as a conscious choice and putting it out there, even if it angers some single moms and women yearning kids. There are men who will help raise the children of a single mom they’re involved with…but a lot of men don’t want to and also don’t want to create little brats of their own.

I’m interested in finding out more about seeking child free spouses. It never entered my mind when I began dating my now-fiancee. I never thought to ask the VITALLY IMPORTANT question: “Do you want kids?” My attitude towards kids then was quite benevolent. We were never around children and the topic didn’t come up until last year where she said she would like them ‘some day’. She knows I’m vocally childfree and even has to elbow me in public sometimes to remind me to be civil to the breeders and their mini-me’s. Perhaps if I had looked only for a childfree by choice partner back then…we wouldn’t have gotten together. So what do you think:

Should  meeting a woman/man who doesn’t want or DOES want  children be the sole determining factor to whether or not you date them?

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