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September 10, 2011

Getting an abortion in Canada is relatively easy, especially compared to such countries like El Salvador or Ireland. Yet, there is information about abortion that women should know, to help them make the right choice and to help them prepare for the relatively quick procedure.

Being able to make their own reproductive decisions is vital for freedom for women. The government, religious institutions and men (spouses) should not be making these decisions for a woman. The abortion controversy has very little to do with giving the unborn a “voice” but really about giving women less choices and reversing the monumental progress we have made towards gender equality and women’s rights.

It is deplorable that anyone would condemn a woman for making a decision regarding her own body and her own future. If a woman becomes pregnant accidentally and does not want to become a mother for whatever reason (and each reason is as valid as any), it is HER decision and her life. The option to abort is very important for the advancement of women in the workplace and in advancement of education and autonomy. It is even possible for girls under 16 to have an abortion without parental consent (I am not certain if this is true for every province, but it is true about Ontario). What is worse than being a mother by force, is being a teenage mother by force and saying goodbye to a regular adolescence and young adulthood.

It is important to pick a clinic that respects you as a woman and doesn’t charge you exorbitant fees (some hospitals do). There should be a free abortion clinic near you. Also, it is advisable to bring a person you trust (close friend, sister, boyfriend) with you because afterwards you will be extremely drowsy. It is also advisable to go as soon as you find out your pregnant and not too far after 3 months of pregnancy (as most practitioners may not do this procedure if you’re too far along).

There are several abortion clinics in Toronto including:

Choice In Health Clinic 1678 Bloor St West 416 975 9300

Women’s Care Clinic Toronto 960 Lawrence Avenue West 416 256 4139

The Scott Clinic

*Abortion in Ontario is FULLY funded by provincial insurance and is done under local anesthesia, as well as drugs that are given with you upon going home. You do not need to stay overnight for the procedure.


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