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Sex, Candles and Music

September 25, 2011

I know all about the sexless life of lesbians in long term relationships. I’ve watched L Word, and I definitely don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to be “best friends” with the sexy, amazing, funny, tattooed, beautiful, wonderful partner I’ve been with for 4 years. I want to have orgasmic, crazy, WILD sex that makes our Latino neigbours jealous and fall in love with her every day.

And so I do.

It doesn’t take much. You have to feel good and sexy, and what works is being pulled on a horse (my dog) on leash at 5:00 (exercise), buying sexy lingerie and not letting the words “big butt” enter my mind; and also setting the mood with candles, R&B and vintage wine.

Even if it’s just 45 minutes of affection and pleasure from an erotic all-body massage or a candle-wax and strap-on fest, I think it’s vital to have SEX to keep your relationship strong.

I’m relieved we don’t have children because being able to keep that fire alive we had when we met makes me isn’t always easy with work, our social schedules, dogs, bills, cooking, cleaning, family, etc. Here’s to all the lesbian couples actually doin’ it!


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