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The Holidays Our Way

September 27, 2011

I haven’t done the research to see when in history someone decided Thanksgiving was about turkey and cranberry sauce. I grew up with obligatory turkey and stuffing celebrating Thanksgiving since I was a baby, as well as attending church in a frilled, flower print dress with my mother and sister.

But it seems ridiculous now that we need a huge turkey and a banquet of food to feed just my partner and I (okay, so our dogs can have a bone or two). Thanksgiving doesn’t seem to fit into the lives of people who have small family units–like those without children, grandparents and siblings.

I am one of those crazy people who go all out for holidays. I decorate, cook, sing and prance. It’s FUN, Scrooges, to participate in the camaraderie and the festivities. But I hate turning on the TV and seeing the advertisements of nuclear families sitting around the decorated dinner table while the Man of the House cuts the turkey. It’s so conventional and so heteronormative, and definitely doesn’t fit into the lives of some lesbian, childfree couples or gay couples…or college students who live on their own in different cities and don’t particularly want to spend time with a family they don’t really like. And a lot of other people.

But don’t despair if you’re one who doesn’t have/want a large family to share that turkey with. There are ways to celebrate Turkey Day that doesn’t include a lot of family members at the table.

1. Volunteer to cook or serve Thanksgiving dinner at a local soup kitchen or shelter. Give the gift of turkey to those who do not have the means to do so otherwise.

2. Celebrate Thanksgiving with friends. There are a lot of people you may know who don’t have family locally either because they are immigrants or students or just people with family in far away cities/towns. Think of someone you may know who doesn’t have anyone for Thanksgiving, and celebrate all together. This is a fun way to do it–and you don’t even need to eat turkey either! You can eat food that is traditional to them in their country or settle on something fun like sushi or Chinese take out!

3. There are lots of activities that go along with Thanksgiving Day and you can go for a nature hike, hit the movies or having everyone chime in to make a baked pumpkin pie. There are also a lot of shows on Thanksgiving weekend as well!

4. Start a new tradition where on Thanksgiving Day you do something totally different whether it’s a bike race across town or visiting a farm during harvest season for apple picking. Just because it’s a socially significant day doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it like everyone else. You can have the unique Thanksgiving story when you head back to the office!





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  1. This is great! I hope you don’t mind if I share it on my FB page. (I only have two followers, but I’m hoping to grow. I just started it.)

    • Please do! I would also love to join it and share it on my own FB and CF page! I would also like to invite you into the group as well.

  2. you could always just buy a turkey breast and roast that.

    no need for a whole bird.

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