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Gender Equality: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better….

September 30, 2011

Saint Joan of Arc appeared before the Crown Prince of France after receiving visions she claimed were from God telling her to fight to take France back from the English late in the Hundred Years’ War. The uncrowned King Charles VII sent her to the siege at Orléans. She gained great recognition after she was able to lift the siege in only nine days. After several more swift victories, she led Charles VII to his coronation at Rheims. She is the only person ever recorded to have commanded the entire army of a nation at the age of seventeen. Despite sustaining wounds to the neck and head, she continued to lead the country to victory repeatedly. She was tried for heresy in a false court and burnt at the stake. Her trial was declared invalid by the Pope and she was canonized as a saint many years later.

I hate to sound all pompous and all but women rock. And I don’t just mean famous women like Oprah and First Lady Michelle Obama, and the women who made it to the moon and on Mount Everest. They are inspiration to the rest of us humble creatures, but women rocking has been found throughout all history from Zenobia to Lady Gaga.

We don’t need men and I’m not saying this as a biased lesbian! Women no longer need to be subservient and doleful. We can change our own tires and make our own money. And even if you’re a rich guy, we don’t want your money. Keep it. Self-worth is more valuable than whatever American Express card you’re wielding from the sweaty palm of your hands. Men’s hatred of women has been prevalent throughout all of history from the Garden of Eden, to witch-burning to Saudi Arabia, but despite all the hatred, the machoism and the sexism….women are popping up stronger than ever like the proverbial flower in the cracks.

The Government of Canada has reported in 2004 there are 10,306, 860 female drivers and 11, 366, 473 male drivers licensed in Canada. Hmm, those numbers seem pretty proportionate, so why is every car advertisement in men’s magazines and every auto commerical featuring men (or a man with a family)…or airing during the football game?!

Statistics Canada also reveals there are over 7,900 women serving in the Armed Forces and an additional 4, 800 women serving in the primary reserve. Female police officers in Canada is also rapidly increasing as well, with Statistics Canada reporting that in 2010 there was more of an increase in female officers than male. There is now 1 in 5 female officers as opposed to 1 in 15 in 1990. Women comprise 9% of senior positions within the force, and 15% of non-commissioned officers.

Better yet, in 2009 women comprised 51.2% of business and financial professionals, reports Statistics Canada, women also made up 55.2% of doctors, dentists and other health occupations in 2009 as well as 72% of professionals employed in social sciences or religion. *

The chapter “Paid work” is now available in Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report, 1976 to 2009, sixth edition (89-503-X.

Women are whoopin’ ass and changing things around, and it’s for the better. There is nothing more satisfying than challenging cultural and patriarchal norms. People often think women are weaker than men, but that’s not true. We are just as capable as making as much money as you are….or more. All that power, status crap they have you reading is all bullshit. It feels good to work hard, pay for things myself, go to Canadian Tire, and paint my own goddamn place. Men, women aren’t relying on you like they used to. You’re around because they want you around. So don’t take it for granted.



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