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Montreal j’Adore

September 30, 2011

Copyright: Childfreefeminist

Visiting Montreal, Quebec was when I had my childfree epiphany. It was the sudden realization I loved my life and didn’t want to change it. It was when I conceived the fact I didn’t want kids ever (pardon the pun).

That’s how fabulous Montreal is, what with it’s vibrant gay community outside of Beaudry Station and the unassuming (but awesome) Restaurant Rapido Du Plateau at the corner of Mount Royal Est and Rue St Denis (yes, near the best espresso at Caffe Art Java).

Montreal is everything Toronto should be: trendy, progressive and fun. The nightclubs are way better. We have a postage-stamp room lounge as the only lesbian club in Toronto while MTL has the sexy three floor club Le Drugstore and not to mention Club Unity. The junk food for post-partying is drool-worthy. Heaping piles of squeaky-fresh mozzarella-heaven poutine and cheese on top pizza. At every restaurant we dined in, whether in trendy Plateau or Vieux Montreal even in the small Chinatown by our hotel–we did not see an infestation of strollers.

I don’t know if parents had their own ‘hood in MTL or if the French did it differently, but it was a blissful time. It’s almost enough to make me move there! I guess their old cobblestone streets aren’t child-friendly or something, but it works for me! I’m not surprised Today’s Parent listed Montreal as one of the least family friendly cities in Canada . But guess what? That’s great news for the rest of us who want to enjoy our Poutine and uneven streets in peace.



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