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Reason # 6: Time.

November 25, 2011

There is 24 hours in a day, around 86, 000 seconds and DEFINITELY not enough time to do everything I need to do–sans a lil’ one. Judging by the line-up at Starbucks and traffic at 7:00am, I’m not the only one who thinks this! I wake up before the sun is up, and come home when the sun is going down (or already is long gone, in the winter) and after an exhausting 9-5 day I still have to cook, clean, walk the dogs and hopefully sometime shower :P.

Is it just me or am I the only one who knows I wouldn’t be able to possibly fit child-rearing into my life. All the time-consuming work that raising a child entails would be like working my 9-5….24/7 and 365 (without vacation!). Now, I understand that there is the diaper changes, the baths, the feedings and the stimulating playtime but there is waay more that goes into day-to-day childrearing like changing the Diaper Genie. If you don’t have a kid (lucky you) the diaper genie is like a mini-landfill and smells just like one. It is where the diapers pile up and you throw this huge bag away. Now, I am not even going to discuss this on an environmental level, but the genie fills up quickly. And you have to change it, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. And those soggy, leaky diapers are not light either.

There is bottle cleaning, warming up, picking up the sharp plastic objects kids call toys, making the bed, brushing the teeth, getting a young child dressed and undressed (and this can take time if child prefers to wear sweater A over sweater B). There is the cleaning of the bibs, the high chair, the child itself who will likely be regularly covered in everything from mud to markers to purple juice. There is the opening, closing and cleaning out of the stroller/car seat/baby gadgets. There is the opening and closing and cleaning of those annoying sippy cups with like five little pieces on it. There is cutting apples and food into tiny squares, as well as walking the child to the park. Young kids walk VERY, VERY slow. They give turtles a run for their money. In a regular day, childrearing takes up a lot of time….time that could be spent learning to cook an exotic Peruvian meal, enjoying Grey’s Anatomy in a soft houserobe and a martini, or out jogging, catching up on some much-needed sleep, catching up with girlfriends or shooting pool downtown.

With our work schedules, neither me or my fiancee would have the time to pick up any child from school or take them there. The said child would have to sit outside alone on the swing set until around 5:15 (on a good day). And how many people work irregular hours? Weekends?! Long, tiring and grueling shifts that end with you bleary-eyed, hungry and exhausted. You just want to come home and sleep….not take little Sammy to playdate and gymnastics.

Time is precious, and time is money. With my free time, I do the things I actually enjoy and think are important. Volunteering with animal services is a top priority because no animal deserves to suffer, and there is a home for every animal. They just don’t know it yet. I also like to be educated and certified, whether it’s a cooking certificate or a CPR/First Aid course–this is fun and educational…and may prove helpful one day. Even though it is an obligation, I enjoy spending time with my dogs on trails and around the City, playing Fetch, running, tobagonning and swimming. I get to see friends regularly and see plays, concerts, sports games and movies all the time. I’m always trying something new. Yesterday was Russian blinis and the day before that we hit a comedy club.

You know those people you see who have done just about everything and been just about everywhere? Yeah, I want to be one of those people and you have to make time for the things you enjoy. If you enjoy chasing after a toddler, than that is what you should make time for. Just don’t ask me if I think it’s time well spent 😀


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