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Christmas with No Kids

December 10, 2011

It is our first Christmas this year in our new apartment and Christmas is my favourite holiday–like a lot of people. It’s difficult to ignore the magic of this time of year, however Scroogey you may be. Whether tinsel sprinkles gold dust on us or the nostalgia kicks it when Silent Night begins to play on the radio, Christmas is something the majority of us have grown up with. It’s on Charlie Brown, it’s in our favourite department stores. It’s everywhere–and you cannot ignore it. And just because you don’t have kids, doesn’t mean you need too.

Christmas may be a time for family and turkey, but there is no hard rule about who your family may be. Our Christmas consists of four adults (two gay couples) and our three dogs. Presents are bought for the humans and the four-legged humans. I get as excited wrapping up a gorgeous lamp for my sister as anyone else, and I’m the first in line for a goofy picture with Santa in the mall (and the looks from the Mommies ARE priceless). There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t grab the hot chocolate and head out to the ice rinks on Christmas Eve or put up the stockings–even if there is only two or three of them.

Besides, Christmas without children around is fun! Spiced eggnog with brandy and Bailey’s Irish Cream can abound on your dinner table, and why not wear a sexy Santa’s helper outfit with fish nets and heels instead of the Ugly Christmas Sweater? I do buy presents for the few children of my childed friends, but I don’t have to deal with the fussy eating habits of a 2 year old, or a 6 year old demanding a Nintendo DS 3D and another two hundred dollars in DS games. We can build snowmen and tobaggon without getting mild heart attacks if a child begins to sneeze. Frost bite is warded off by a few swigs of vodka. We dress the dogs up in antlers, post them on Facebook and chuckle about it on the way to work.

The holidays won’t be cold and empty this year. The oven will be sending the aroma of ginger cookes throughout the house, and the wreath on the door will be as cheerful as everybody else’s. No, we don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore but we believe it’s going to be a stress-free, fun time void of long line ups at Toys R Us and the obligatory family photo shoot where Junior’s all grumpy and everyone’s in matching red and green. I know my turkey will be dry, but everyone present will be enjoying themselves too much to notice.

What are your holiday plans?


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