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The Essence of Progress

December 11, 2011

On Essence‘s Point of View section on their website, they featured an article in September 2011 about being in no rush to settle down, have children and being married. The author let women know that it’s okay to travel first and enjoy life “unencumbered by motherhood”. It is a positive message in the right direction for an influential, leading Black magazine to tell to young Black women. It’s something that they need to hear.

While my path is hardly unique, it’s also quite different from those of my many classmates and friends who have already settled in their careers, jumped the broom and/or created a bundle of joy (or two). There is no “normal” when it comes to these things anymore. The girl who had her family at 25, the one who opted out of the entire mommyhood thing and the one who’s weighing her adoption options for when she turns 40, can all sit at the same table and sip sangria quite comfortably.

Lemieux is correct and right on point. The main thing that we have that previous generations lack is choice. The choice to procreate, wait or skip motherhood altogether is one we have without as much social scorn and the brevity of freedom. This message can help females who may see young motherhood as “normal” rethink that notion, and perhaps spend some time enjoying their own independence, dating, traveling or furthering their education and earning power. I believe this is the motivational opinions that women have been waiting to hear.

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