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Reason #7: I Love Dogs

December 28, 2011

It may seem oversimplistic but it’s true. I love dogs, and would easily adopt more (I have two right now). As a kid, I begged and begged my mother to let me get a dog but it was sooo out of the question, it wasn’t funny. If I had gotten knocked up as a teen and came home with a baby, my mom wouldn’t be as pissed off as if I came home with a stray dog!

I had to wait until I moved out at the age of 18 to get my first dog. And I haven’t looked back since! My dogs are more than just animals to me. With my 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog, he helped me lose 30lbs because he’s a high energy breed and I basically have to chase him around every day. I had to think up inventive ways to get him to exercise–and I ended up shedding weight too…so I can thank my dogs for making me look less like Kirstey Allen and more like Halle Berry again :D.

And my other puppy is just a little diva. Wherever he goes, people just stop and pet him and he has helped me come out of my shyness by responding to people. I mean, they ask me what breed he is…I GOTTA respond, right? Plus, taking the dogs to the dog park means I have to sorta socialize with other four-paw lovers and then we wave from across the street, next thing ya know…I got acquaintances! Dogs help strangers bond 🙂

Before I got my cattle dog, I thought I wanted kids. When I got my cattle dog, it was the same time I began discovering the Childfree world online from Twitter hashtags…which had links to great blog sites and hilarious opinions about kids…and then to making my own damn blog. My dogs helped me realize they are all the responsiblity I need. When Benji was a puppy, I had to wake up at 5:00am to take him outside to pee or he wouldn’t be able to hold it! And I got him in February…so you can imagine the snowstorm…the cold…me fighting blindly in the dark to locate my other slipper–every FREAKIN’ day until he was housetrained. His bladder didn’t care if it was Saturday morning and I had spent all night out.

I have to give some acknowledgment to my dogs for helping me realize I’m not cut out for babies. I’m so glad that they can chill at home unattended. I love that they eat the same bland food every day that doesn’t cost too much…and I don’t have to make a complicated, healthy nutritious hot meal for them every day. I love that Benji needs a bath some 3 times a year, and they’re as happy sleeping by our feet as I am happy not to spend money on a crib, or bassinet or whatever!

I don’t feel smug when I walk down the street with my dogs and I walk by a mother struggling uphill wih a submarine-sized stroller and a shrieking kid…but I do feel relief. Relief I’m not her, and that I chose to have pets in my life instead of kids!

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