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The Ugly Truth About Kids

December 30, 2011

A Note I found on Facebook this morning 🙂

The problem with most of you who have children is the reasoning behind why you had them in the first place. Sure most of you claim you want someone to follow in your footsteps, to have someone to take care of you later in life and stick you in a home to forget about you, someone to teach and get these “rewards” out of raising a child.

The Ugly Truth behind these reasons is the real reason behind why you had kids. Most of you had them because you felt an emptiness in your life. Rather than going out and finding why you had that emptiness, you settled for having kids. You have a job you hate, a husband or wife you can barely stand on a good day, unsupportive parents, lack of a family, and even some of you have zero money.

There are others of you who are brainwashed into believing you must have kids and that is your only job in life. Your idiot parents probably talked you into having them since you were a kid yourself. You knew when you grew up, that’s what you were destined to do, have kids.

The Ugly Truth with this is that most of you shouldn’t be having them in the first place. I have family that has had a kid or two and have ZERO money. Did they think about the logistics or the practicality of having a child? No. They were blinded by fulfilling their own selfish need to fulfill their own life and fill that emptiness or make their parents happy because that’s what their parents always wanted.

My question is, if you have NO money (for those of you that actually believe in money and not the bartering system) why would you have a kid at that time? Don’t you think common sense would say “If I can’t afford to feed myself and my spouse, how can I expect to take care of a baby?”.

Sadly, no one thinks that way EXCEPT the people who have no kids.

See, the problem then becomes a chain reaction. Not only are you ruining your child’s life because you can’t raise it properly. But you all of sudden are smacked in the face with the logistics and the practicality that you didn’t bother to think about before you decided to fertilize that egg. Start going two years into your project and all of a sudden you start thinking “man, what would life be like without this kid?” You start to want to do things for yourself again but you realize you have no time because it’s all dedicated to this screaming, drooling, crapping, pissing, and vomiting machine. You start to drown out and ignore the kid.

Now you’ve taken the kid in public and while you’re ignoring him scream and throw tantrums, everyone else gets to have their public ruined by your brat. Who’s fault is this? Certainly not the child’s. You’ve taught them that whenever they have a feeling or emotion, they need to scream or cry it out to get their attention. You let the kid run around, bother everyone else in the public and ruin their afternoon or evening, then get mad at the first person who comes up to you to politely ask if you could control your monster. Heaven forbid the person’s public you’ve ruined says a word to you about it.

The kid becomes a teenager and you have the nerve to act surprised when you find that he’s drinking and smoking at the age of 15. You’ve taught him or her well over the years as you’ve ignored them because you wanted time to yourself for a change after they learned to not use diapers. The only attention you do pay to them is when you believe they’ve done wrong or something you don’t agree with. You punish them severely, that way you hope they won’t do it again. Then you find that they’ve snuck out and did what they wanted to anyway. Now what? You scream at them as if that’s going to solve anything. If you’re a boy, maybe you even get into a physical fight with them because you’re helpless anymore.

But, you didn’t think about this 15 years ago when you decided to fertilize that egg, did you? Did you fill that hole in your life now? Your kid becomes nothing of what you dreamed. He doesn’t follow in your footsteps nor does he chose the career you ever thought he would. Are you happy now? With most of you shaking your head “yes” right now, you are lying to yourself. Right now you’re scared to death of what will become of his and your future. Sure, he seems responsible enough but did you really raise him well enough to make it on his own? Or will he end up getting killed because he made a stupid decision that you probably subconsciously taught him.

When your kid is screaming in a quiet place like the movie theater, the grocery store, library, hospital, restaurant, or even church, think about how you’re ruining everyone else’s experience. If you could care less about that, which most of you do, think about what you’ve just read. Maybe you should’ve thought about that decision a little more. Maybe then you could have your life back instead of ruining someone else’s.

That is the Ugly Truth with Kids.

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