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Winter DINK Ideas! #TorontoEdition

January 2, 2012

No kids? No problem! There is a ton of fun, exciting activities to do this 2012 winter-time whether it is by your lonesome, with a significant other or with your pals. I love digging up new and entertaining pastimes! Whether I’m camping up North or playing Scrabble at home, keeping it interesting ups the appeal…and since we have the time to do some extra different things, why not?

1. Go see the Toronto Raptors (or the Maple Leafs!)

2. Play glow-in-the-dark bowling with some pals and beers.

3. Master one particular style of dance (whether it’s the Dougie or the tango!)

4. Learn to filet and cook your own fish.

5. Read Les Miserables or another thick, classic novel.

6. Go skiing at Blue Mountain.

7. Vegetarian Cooking Classes at Live Organic Bar

8. Go to the Canadian International Auto Show (and wear something nice, you’ll be beside those flashy Maseratis! 😉

9. Book readings at the Gladstone Hotel.

10. Go for a hike in snow-blanketed woods. Bring a camera–the white view will be stunning.

11. Make a birdhouse for the coming spring time (from scratch! For the real DIYers!)

12. Teach yourself a new language online using free tutorials (that’s how I learned German 😉

13. Visit a fancy restaurant (like the Red Tomato on King Street) that has special deals on certain days! It may be lunch-time or a weekday, but at least you can say you ate at great places 🙂

14. Pick some vintage wine up from LCBO and delectable cheeses at Whole Foods! The trip will be fun, plus you get to enjoy it at home later.

15. Visit the PAWSWAY Cafe on Harbourfront. Not only do you get a view of the lake, your pets are allowed INSIDE the cafe–and they have regular events for pooches and dog owners. 🙂 Plus…you get REALLY great espresso and WiFi at Williams (the cafe owner).

I thought of these ideas after reading


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