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Time-Saving Meal Tips

January 29, 2012

Whether you’re at school all day, or at work–you’re probably a busy bee. And busy bees have to eat, too! I used to spend a fortune on takeout sushi until I decided to prepare ahead of time for meals. Instead of frozen pizzas, you can make food on the weekend for the weekdays. I like to freeze a large batch of meatballs (roughly 2 lbs of ground meat) and throw them in the oven when I get home with some Prego sauce. My recipe is 2 eggs, Italian bread crumbs, chopped onions/garlic and some spices (oregano, salt, thyme and basil). I keep them in a big Tupperware container in the freezer :). Freezing food is a huge time-saver! You can also freeze lasagne (in cut up slices, in individual Ziploc bags), casseroles and meatloafs, quiche and chicken pot pies.

After work, I head straight to the gym so I’m usually famished when I get home and I need something to eat QUICK! So I make a large batch of pea-ham soup on Saturdays and keep it in the fridge. I can warm up a portion on the stove-top in 5 minutes and eat it as an appetizer before dinner. Soups and stews are very easy to make and are usually very healthy for you. The recipe for this simple soup is : yellow split peas (dry), one smoked ham hock and chopped onions/garlic. You have to soak the peas for 2 hours, and let the hock simmer for 1 hour then combine everything until peas are cooked. I remove the hock, take the meat off the bone and shred it. I add the shredded hock back into the soup and discard the bone. When you refrigerate it though, you will find that it looks as if there is no water so when you re-heat it on the stove (or microwave), just add a bit of water for a soupy texture. 🙂 It’s tasty, healthy and filling.


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