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Childfree Interview with J.D

February 2, 2012


Question # 1 – What made you decide to become, or gradually move towards becoming, a childfree person? Was this choice recent or has the idea been for a while? How do you think the idea of remaining childfree has evolved throughout your life?

–          The main factor in making me decide to become a childfree person is how big of a commitment it is. It is an exponentially bigger commitment than anything else, and my career already demands too much commitment. I have never wanted kids. From the moment I was old enough to even conceive (teehee) of the idea of not wanting kids, I knew that I didn’t want them. Ever.

Question # 2 – What main advantages do you think the childfree lifestyle has? Which advantages have you experienced in your own life? How about disadvantages or challenges of being childfree?

–          The advantages of being childfree would of course being a lot more disposable income, free time, and less responsibility to deal with outside of work

–          I suppose the disadvantage of being childfree may be lack of happiness and emotional fulfillment, or a sense that one lacks a purpose, but I don’t need to rely on other people for happiness. I’m a very introverted and quiet person who prefers a life of solitude, so my happiness isn’t tied to people, and it wouldn’t be any different with children because I strongly dislike children.


Question #3- Are you attached or single? If you are attached, how does your significant other feel about your decision to not have kids?

–          I am currently single


Question #4 – Can you cite your 3 top reasons why you are choosing/have chose not to procreate?

–          More free time

–          More disposable income

–          Less responsibility

Question #5 – Can you list some of your hobbies or aspirations?

–          My two main hobbies are playing guitar, reading, and writing

Question #6 – Do you own any pets?

–          Negatory!

J.D, Toronto, aged 25


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