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Childfree Interview with I.L

February 3, 2012
Question # 1 – What made you decide to become, or gradually move towards becoming, a childfree person? Was this choice recent or has the idea been for a while? How do you think the idea of remaining childfree has evolved throughout your life? 
I guess I have always been someone who doesn’t want to have kids in the future. It’s not that I hate children or have something against them, I think it’s the fact that kids grow up in a new world, much more different than the one I am living in at the moment or the one you have lived in. The idea has always been in my mind for a while. I guess I won’t know how being child-free has evolved throughout my life since I am only 17 years old, maybe when I am older I will be able to answer this.
Question # 2 – What main advantages do you think the childfree lifestyle has? Which advantages have you experienced in your own life? How about disadvantages or challenges of being childfree? 
Being single and childfree is a great lifestyle in my opinion. I don’t know of this yet, but without a spouse and a child, you can do whatever you want (go to bar, clubs, parties) without worrying about your child. I guess you can say you love to love yourself even more. Since I am childfree, even at 17, I can say the best advantage would be the fact that I can have a great social life and just go outside for a jogg or just go out and meet new people without worrying about anything.
Question #3- Has your family life/media/friends (ie, teenage pregnancy)  influenced you in any way to not have kids in the future? 
Nope. My parents have three children including me and they love children. I guess it’s just a personal choice that I made to myself to not have kids.

Question #4– Can you list some of your hobbies or aspirations? 

My hobbies consists of going outside for a long walk or jogg, socializing with friends, meeting new people, playing video games sometimes, and if you say that sleeping is a hobby than its my hobby.
Question #5 – Tell me a fun fact about yourself! 
My fun fact is pretty rude and nobody believes me. I am a shy guy according to everyone since I don’t ever make eye contact when I am talking to them or listening to them. The fact is, that I listen better when I am not looking at moving eye pupils. I sometimes have tried to look past them but they get freaked out, even my close friends. So I guess if you meet me in person, we should never look at each-other when talking or else it will be awkward for the both of us since you know this of me now.
                                                                                                                                           -I.L, age 17, Toronto

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  1. Try looking at their chin. I hear that works and people will think you’re looking them in the eye.

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