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What To Do Instead of Have Kids

February 8, 2012

If you don’t have kids and are scratching your head, wondering Hmm, what to do next?! There is answers! Some people wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have their children, but there is a lot in the world to explore and keep you busy with your time and extra money.

1. Invest in real estate: Do you watch HGTV a lot? Perhaps the idea of investing in real estate, and renting out or flipping a house is a great “next” step for you. If you do it right, buying buildings or land can be extremely profitable.

2. Become an ex-pat: What could be more exciting than picking up from your every-day life and working abroad in Europe or Asia? Finding a job overseas and getting to experience a new country is a great journey and will definitely broaden your horizon in life.

3. Adopt a pet : Some people think they may want to add something to their home…but a pet can be less of a responsibility and financial burden than a child. Sometimes adding a dog or cat can be all the change you really needed in your life!

4. Start a Business: Whether it’s a small business like baking cakes for weddings, or a large business–it’s a fantastic idea. You get to be your own boss, you do what you love, it can be profitable, you can have a second career and you may make it really big like eBay, Starbucks and Whole Foods (they started out as small businesses too!)

5. Write a Book: Do you have an interesting life story or a knack for story-telling? Writing a book is a huge accomplishment and aspiring writers could become potential Pulitzer-winning authors. All you need to do is figure out what you want to write about and just do it. Chances are, someone will be interested in publishing your work.

6. Take That Cool Job: You know, the one that includes frequent travel or dangerous work like being a flight attendant, pilot or part of your city’s SWAT team. You could be a firefighter or on the bomb squad. Not only is your job challenging and cool, but you make a difference in people’s lives. And the pros of frequent flying means you get to see the beautiful and diverse world.

7. Take up a new hobby or 5: To keep things exciting and new as a couple, plan trips and push yourself to try something new like rock-climbing and snowboarding in Aspen. Whatever is different and original for you–from tango dancing to pottery, try it! You can never get bored learning new things in life, and you get to brag about how you climbed Mount Kilimanjaro or visited a Buddhist temple in Laos if that’s your kinda thing!

8. Join a Charity: If life is dull, why not invest your time and money and your charming smile into a charity of your choice? You can volunteer at your local animal rescue and save lives or build homes abroad. Either way, you will be engaged and for a good cause. Your own actions are benefiting the world in some way, and that’s something to be very proud of. Not only that, but you grow as a person and get to meet new people and view life from a different perspective.

9. Train for a marathon: Every city has them and running a marathon is one of those amazing experiences and rewarding aspirations. There are many marathons that also benefit charities as well–so not only are you getting fit and active, but you are also still a do-gooder. It is definitely a way to push yourself and give yourself the ultimate test: how far are you willing to go?

10. Travel – It doesn’t even have to be out of your country. Visit different provinces (or states) and see what they have to offer. Go up to the mountains, or camp in the outback and enjoy shopping and coffee in the different cities. Every city and town is known for something or has a celebration or festival–why not be part of it? You can hop in your car, or on the train and go on a domestic trip for the weekend…giving you something to talk about when you hit the office on Monday.

What else can you do instead of have kids?

One Comment
  1. You can also do the exact opposite of #6, and Quit Your Job! One of the many luxuries of the DINK lifestyle – you can afford to take a year off to tackle personal goals without wondering how you’re going to put someone through college. I left my uber-stable job in the corporate world to take a year off to finish my novel, expand my blog and take an internship (at age 30!) at a literary agency.

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