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Best Cars for the Childfree

March 11, 2012

Whenever you flip on your television and see a commercial for a vehicle, it is usually selling off the car from a family-friendly point of view. Hey, us folks without kids gotta get around too, don’t we? After my shitbox Mazda didn’t pass the emission test this year and is never going to be certified to be back on the road, I’m in the market for a car. And I have one question (amongst many 🙂 ) : What are the best cars for the childfree?

Cars that are environmentally-friendly, compact, fuel efficient, luxurious and suit the active lifestyles of childfree folks.

Volkswagen New Beetle

The 2012 model has an improved fuel economy of 10% over previous models. You are able to put camping gear and your dogs in the back since 2.5L model has interior storage with a split folding rear seat.
Drivers will also appreciate the slide/tilt panoramic roof, comfortable leather steering wheel, keyless access, push start button, 17 inch alloy wheels, BI-XENON lights, and LED daytime running lights. With optional Bluetooth, three color ambient interior lighting, and i-Pod connectivity, and a premium Fender audio system, childfree drivers can enjoy the latest technology VW has to offer for an improved driving experience. All of this starts at the amazing affordable price of $18,995. Honda Insight

If you’re not already drooling over the new Honda Insight, you should be (I know I am!). If you want an affordable hybrid, here’s the car for you. It looks like a Prius, but it’s cheaper. Both cars use a smooth, high-tail design to cleave through the air with the least aerodynamic resistance, burning the least fuel possible.

The 2012 Honda Insight uses a small 1.3-liter engine with a 10-kilowatt electric motor sandwiched between the engine and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Total outputs are 98 horsepower and 123 pound-feet of torque. The motor can’t move the car solely on electricity, unlike the Prius, but it restarts the engine after stops, adds torque to complement that of the engine, and acts as a generator to recharge the battery pack when the car brakes.

Safety on this sexy car is 8/10 and Fuel Efficiency is 9/10. Why is it perfect for those without kids? You get a contemporary, eco-friendly car that can come with as many bells and whistles that you need including a full navigation system. For all those people who began driving a Honda Civic, it’s the next step up! Starting at $18, 350.

2012 Honda Insight

We’re not anti-marriage, but we get the joke–just look at car-buying. If you’re single, you can fantasize about cars, feel passionate about the fast ones–and actually act on your impulses, consulting only your bank account. When you’re married, concerns about hauling the family around would probably cancel your inclination to buy an attention-getting Porsche Boxster                      -Forbes

Mazda MX-5 Miata

When you picture life without kids, you picture the iconic convertible car with the top down, your arm loosely hanging from the door as you breeze past traffic with your Ray-Bans on. If you want an affordable roadster that is also a head turner,  this is the car for you. It is a car that screams: I got what I wanted out of life, and I’m not apologizing for it. This car will leave those in minivans boggled at how you are able to carry the loads you need to take every day with you (answer: you don’t need to bring 3 kids, and 10 bags with you!).

Historically known to be comfortable, reliable and impressive build and quality. Test drivers rave about the Miata’s sport handling. “The roadster has a 50/50 weight distribution (front/rear) and precise rack-and-pinion steering for legendary handling and predictability,” writes “The Miata is one of the most fun-to-drive cars around, despite its relatively modest engine power.” With such thrilling sport capabilities, it’s no wonder that critics are left impressed by the MX-5.

Nissan Versa Hatchback

I had the opportunity to drive this car for a month or so when my car was getting fixed after an accident. I don’t remember ever falling so deeply in love with a vehicle. I vowed to buy one. The second you jump in, it feels like you are in an SUV instead of a hatchback. The ride is smooth–so smooth you have no idea you are driving over bumps and cracks in the street. Did I mention how  much I saved on gas?!

Starting at $14, 678 this swell hatchback has a lot to offer–and no, I’m not being biased. The Versa boasts class-leading rear leg room, with 60/40 fold down seats for cargo, pets and gear. The big roomy trunk is essential for weekends away and seriously does not feel like you have a hatchback. Versa has 5.7/100km keeping it eco friendly. Their horsepower (122) and torque (127lb -ft) means you’re going to go farther. Are you in love yet?

2012 Nissan Versa

If not, what about the tech specs? Remote keyless entry, Bluetooth handsfree Phone System and their innovative navigation system and audio will make you happy, for sure. Who doesn’t love a modern car where you can jam out to Radiohead on your i-Pod,  in the serene peacefulness of your car–while the navi tells you the quickest way to get home? And with six standard airbags and advanced ABS system, there’s a high safety factor. Since, you know, people without kids wanna live too.

Chevrolet Equinox

If you must have an SUV for practicality reasons or because you spend a lot of time lugging your camper and summer things around–a small SUV like the Equinox would be a good choice because it’s easy on fuel and is first in its class, even beating out Ford Escape hybrid (which came in #15 on US News Affordable Compact SUVs and has only an average rating of 7/10) For the more seasoned child-free gals and guys, if you can afford to escape in an Equinox –this SUV has a lot of advantages. The 2.5 -4 Cyl. Atkinson-cycle engine, for one, as well as 330-volt sealed nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery. US News ranks this 2012 model  as # 1 for Affordable Compact SUVs.

Roomy and stylish, if you can afford one it’s one of the best bets for cross-over SUVs. You don’t need a huge gas-guzzling full size SUV to chauffeur children to hockey and music lessons, and all the extras you opt for will stay in mint condition like the leather upholstery and the rear cargo shelf that doubles as a picnic table for those on-the-go meals in the outback. This car has all the bells and whistles, for about $23, 500.



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  1. I don’t drive but I love the idea of products intended especially for ‘someone like me’. And you’re right, cars are one of the products that are marketed in a strongly family-oriented way. My partner’s car is a two seater and it suits us so well 🙂

  2. I too like the idea of vehicle targeted at the child free.

    I used to own a Versa and loved it until it left me stranded in 23F weather with only 34,000 miles on the odometer. I promptly traded it for a Subaru Forester (need towing capacity for our motorcycles).

    Unless they have fixed the fuel pump issue that they will not do a recall on, I’d steer far away from a Versa. Google “my Nissan Versa won’t start” and you’ll see what I mean.

    If we needed a second vehicle I’d love a new Fiat 500. Nice and little.

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