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Keeping It Classy

March 26, 2012

I’m not a shopaholic by any means. My closet is sparse and my wardrobe on a good day consists of yoga pants and bright coloured t-shirts. Nothing fancy. And then I get an invite to a poetry reading at my favourite bar and I’m all ready to get gussied up in canary yellow stilettos, floaty Nubian queen dress and my silk headwrap–the earrings, the whole nines. 

There is no word to describe how you feel–on top of the world and owning that moment. You feel like a significant being as you sway your hips, your bubbly laughter filling the space and your smile lighting up the atmosphere. It seems you don’t even remember that schlumpy yoga pants girl.

But it’s more than just looking sexy and spritzing on your favourite Chanel perfume. It’s the ambience of the night–the cool breeze, the floaty music, the way the bartender flashes a smile at you every time he walks by. Not only do you feel confident you waxed your legs and they look kinda stunning, but you are aware of other females in the room preening their feathers and looking just as spectacular.

I’m not here to say being a parent means you never go out, but those unforgettable nights truly make me smile and every time I pass my high heels in the closet I think to myself: I have a lot more classy nights to come.


From → My CF Life

  1. What a gorgeous description of a night out! You’ve inspired me to look through my wardrobe and resolve to fill it with things I love as much as the beautiful clothes you describe here.

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