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Feeding the Ducks

May 5, 2012

There is something magical that happens here, on the huge rocks overlooking the lapping waves of Lake Ontario with nothing but clear skies ahead and serene geese floating by. It is almost unbelievable that just a day ago I was budging through crowds of commuters, working hard and gulping down a chicken wrap with my hot coffee. The fast-pace of day to day life was dissipated as I fed the ducks, stopping by a cafe that looked more like a cottage that sold delicious organic fair-trade coffee and fresh biscottis.

There is definitely a luxury in getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoying the peace that being by the lake offers. Not only yummy lakeside restaurants and great views, but the chance to remember what it means to skip rocks, hearing the plummeting of stone in water and getting your feet wet in sand. Who cares if you get a bit of mud on your shoes? Why did this even matter? Watching my dogs race around in the expanse of water and sand and grass helped me acquire a higher understanding of what it means to not just live, but enjoy life.

It was the kind of idyllic day I pictured myself living and when it comes along, it’s worth it. There is something more profound than spending money and consuming so much…and that’s just enacting our senses and experiencing new things. Even if it’s as simple as feeding the ducks.


From → My CF Life

  1. These are the kinds of idyllic days I dream of too and it reminds me that it’s far too long since I fed a duck! Gorgeous pictures, btw.

  2. Thank you Olivia. You must post some from Asia 🙂

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