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Father’s Day

June 18, 2012

 Every man in the world knows that Father’s Day is complete bullshit. That’s why none of us bat an eye when it comes around. Men don’t like to waste their time getting bent out of shape because of a bunch of nonsense.

We men also know that if you want to do something nice for a man, you just do it. You don’t make a big fucking deal out of it. You don’t act like you deserve a prize for stopping off at Best Buy on the way home from getting your hair done and spending more of that very same man’s money on a gift certificate.

I may be a cynic when it comes to Fathers’ Day because it seems like such a snobby holiday. It seems like such a dumbass thing to celebrate when one third of children live without their fathers in the United States. How do kids that have suffered from turbulent divorces and child support wars feel about this holiday? Or men who have been duped into fatherhood by women who cheated on their birth control? Lots of shotgun weddings there, I’m sure. I think Father’s Day sucks.

There are proud fathers out there. Good men who enjoy fatherhood and are good to their children. And then there are those douches who beat their wives, come home drunk and still get the meritous medal of being called a father. It seems the title “Father” is a blanket that wrongs all sins. Being a father means you are stable, you take care of your woman and your young; basically you’re an all-around good guy. Well, let’s raise a glass to the dads in the world who deserve the credit. And a Molotov cocktail for those men who don’t.

One Comment
  1. Bruce permalink

    men who have been duped into fatherhood by women who cheated on their birth control?

    Men who apparently don’t take responsibility for birth control

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