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I created a blog about Childfreedom because I want women (and men) to be informed about parenthood and life without kids before making the “jump”. I live a childfree lifestyle and I hope to inspire more women to be childfree for life and live their lives to their fullest abilities. Some of the components of my blog include

-Feminist theories, including excerpts from books on feminism.

-Empowering quotes and stories about women from women.

-Musings about childfreedom and societal pressure on women to be mothers

-Debates on childfreedom vs breeding

-Detailing my childfree life which I enjoy immensely

-Photos and videos (especially of my dog, Benji!)

-Fictional childfree-themed stories I’ve written

-Opinional essays on aspects of childfreedom

…and anything related!

The childfree lifestyle needs to be more visible and acceptable in society and the only way to do that is for child-free couples/women to support each other and acknowledge the Child free community is GROWING and we need revelent information pertaining to the child free life that encapsulates the variety of hobbies we enjoy. The parenting world has an immense, dense plethora of information available–and it’s time the world realizes we child free women want literature, blogs and information as well!

  1. Cool. I’ll be checking you out.

  2. Jodykat permalink

    Love the idea for your blog and the word ‘childfreedom’. I find it sad that so much ‘childfree’ stuff online is harsh and aggressive, which only further serves to perpetuate the sterotype that women without children are an awkward and difficult bunch. I agree with you that there are some really fertile (excuse the pun) areas where childfree/feminist debate crosses over and I look forward to learning about them through you! Warmest regards. Jody (Gateway Women).

    • DLadyEarlyGrey permalink

      Yes, it would be great to see just one childfree site that isn’t filled with venom and thinly veiled sexism.

    • HappyPencil permalink

      Definitely, Jodykat. Why not focus on the positives of childfree lives?

  3. ElaineByTheBeach permalink

    Great blog! I look forward to reading it. The beauty of the blogsphere is that there is room for many different voices and approaches to a topic. This is good stuff!

  4. This is a great resource for people who choose not to have children – thank you, thank you!

  5. Have you had a chance to read this recent article?
    It’s thought provoking without being histrionic~~~

    • I did read it a few weeks ago, but what I find more interesting than the thought-provoking article is the comments below. Some readers poignantly disagree with her while others dished out some childfree perspectives that made you want to read through them all. And nobody is wrong.

  6. Jason permalink

    This is a great website. In a hundred years women enjoying freedom as well as men from social pressures to reproduce will be a gift of Buddhism and Nirvana. How can you open your third eye when you are changing diapers all day?

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